Fantastic day with Jon Reiss! Think Outside the Box Office Masterclass – Transmedia 101


We had a fantastic day with Jon Reiss who shared his expertise & experiences with a great group of filmmakers from Toronto & beyond, including Jill Golick, Tiska Weiderman, & Indira Guha. The note-taking was pretty intense, as was pic-snapping of slides, & I have a feeling quite a few people will be buying his books today. Jon, we are all now waiting for your new book, the in-depth breakdown of the role & responsibilities of the PMD –  Producer of Marketing & Distribution. Thanks all who came out for a great day!

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And after a delicious dinner at Mercatto with TM101’s Anthea Foyer, Zan Chandler, Luci Lalumiere, Julie Giles, out came the hat! Will this be our signature sign-off for Transmedia 101 events?

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Carrie, Jon & Siobhan after a very fine dinner

Exclusive! Jon Reiss’ Masterclass ‘Think Outside the Box Office’ Toronto Dec. 8th

Jon Reiss' Masterclass 'Think Outside the Box Office' Toronto Dec. 8th

We’re super excited about Jon Reiss’ upcoming Masterclass!


Buddy up for a discount! Transmedia101 is bringing internationally acclaimed filmmaker & digital distribution consultant Jon Reiss to Toronto for a full day Masterclass on Dec 8.

Take advantage of our GROUP5 (5 friends @ 25% off) & FRIEND2 (2 friends at 20%) discounts to catch internationally acclaimed Jon Reiss’ masterclass ‘Think Outside the Box Office’ Dec. 8 9:30-5.

This course is recommended not only for filmmakers who have finished films, but especially those who are in the early stages of a film project or who want to have a clear understanding of the radically changing landscape for distributing and marketing films.

Jon Reiss’ approach is a practical, step by step guide to create a unique distribution and marketing strategy for your film.

Limited time offer to Dec. 1

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