A Brief History of Video Games delivers a great big story

Stanton’s History is a compact volume that presents its story in the form of bite-sized facts and perspectives connected into a rolling narrative, all punctuated with plenty of pictures and an agreeable quota of white space. This all adds up to a volume that can be read at leisure…. 

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Story-driven Innovation – Power To The Pixel

Nick Fortugno, CCO & Co-Founder at Playmatics, and Lance Weiler, Director at Columbia University Digital Storytelling Lab, kicked off this year’s edition of The Conference with two presentation Story-Driven Innovation and Story Play. Looking at R&D and rapid prototyping, the pair explored the wilds of collaboration, authorship and ownership of stories plus engaged the audience in their… View Article

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An ARG to celebrate open access week, courtesy of the University of Toronto library

“Led by the University of Toronto libraries, Open Robarts is an alternate reality game celebrating the tensions between open access and the control of information. Designed by local Toronto artist David Oxley and author Mark Foo, Open Robarts explores themes of information and control, and is meant to draw attention to and celebrate open access forGlobal Open Access Week 2015. There are many ways into the game, even for non-locals. Come check it out and help us unravel the mystery and determine the future of the library!”

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very cool – my home base

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#FutureThing Print-and-Play Edition – Situation Lab

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Very cool foresighting game from Jeff Watson & Stuart Candy, Situation Lab:


"Want to play The Thing From The Future but don’t have your deck of game cards? Hanging out on the space station or at Amundsen-Scott and eager to imagine some future things with your fellow astronauts / scientists / adventurers, but frustrated by the slow pace or total absence of postal delivery service? Just plain broke? Look no further — you can now download and print your own complete version of The Thing From the Future.

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