GifGonzo Wants to Print Your Favorite GIFs IRL | Beckett Mufson | The Creators Project

Not long after GIFs achieved total internet domination, they began trying to escape, manifesting themselves physically through projects like Electric Objects, a framed screen that puts web art on your wall, and Joe Winograd’s holographic prints which use lenticular technology—a lá those holographic cards that change when you tilt them—to behave like live GIFs. Much like Winograd’s prints, a new outfit called GifGonzo has begun to offer well-known GIF artists’ works in the form of lenticular prints. According to their IndieGogo campaign, the goal is “to incubate and elevate [the] GIF as a legitimate artform.”

GifGonzo is working directly with GIF artists including Sholim, Caitlin Burns, and Spyrogif, whom we wrote about earlier this month, to adapt GIFs for the lenticular format. Profits will be split with the artists 50/50, according to the IndieGogo page, and the first round of profit on GifGonzo’s side will go towards recruiting new artists. The end goal involves hosting physical GIF art exhibitions in traditional brick and mortar galleries.

High-quality lenticular GIFs will run for about $250 plus shipping, but the early bird special on their IndieGogo will get you one for about $125 alongside a frame and a non-reflective glass cover to protect your gorgeous new GIF. If the project gets funded, shipments will be set for January 2015. Check out GifGonzo’s IndieGogo video below:


Click headline to view the GIF Gallery–


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