‘The Evil Within’ is more frustrating than terrifying

Your first brush with frustration in Shinji Mikami’s blood-drenched action horror saga The Evil Within comes only minutes after you’re first given control. Bound and hung from the ceiling via meat hook with only corpses surrounding you, you’re forced to swing from side to side until you can free yourself and run to safety.

There’s a hulking behemoth of what appears to be a deranged butcher in your way, however. He stands before a table, doing who-knows-what to the poor, unfortunate soul in front of him, before pausing and making an exit to the left. As you sidle up beside him, you’re greeted with a prompt to educate you on the virtues of “sneak kills.” When you go in to try this new skill, it immediately becomes evident that the correct course of action here would have been to turn around and run in the other direction — assaulting the butcher always ends up with the player meeting a swift and messy end.

Source: mashable.com

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