Secrets to Making Good Interactive Films by FoST Prize-Winners Daniels

Many filmmakers testing out the waters of interactive film understand the inherent murkiness of the medium: the challenge in giving your audience agency while maintaining enough control over the narrative to let it take shape. Never one to shy away from challenges and new approaches to filmmaking are the acclaimed directing duo Daniels, who proved how beautifully interactive films can be executed with their FoST Prize–winning project, Possibilia, which was awarded for being the best interactive story project of the past year by a panel of acclaimed judges including Robert Wong of Google Creative Lab and Damian Kulash, lead singer of OK Go.

Mainly known for their boundary-pushing music videos like Best Director VMA–winning “Turn Down For What”  and Battles’ “My Machines,” Daniels took a step into the future with Possibilia, their groundbreaking “choose-your-own-adventure”-style nonlinear narrative experience that asks audiences to decide on a star-crossed couple’s fate—while watching the film. Produced by digital media company Interlude in collaboration with Prettybird and featuring Girls star Alex Karpovsky acting alongside Zoe Jarman from The Mindy Project, Possibilia allows viewers to switch between thirty different scenarios, all while the couple’s consistent dialogue links the narrative together on screen.


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