Nick Dorra: What can TV learn from Minecraft?

Kids love the world-famous user-generated video game. Rovio/Angry Birds’ Dorra explains how Minecraft can inspire TV too


very cool: 

"While the game is the most important part of the business model for developer Mojang, and brand extensions like the LEGO Minecraft kits are natural steps, these traditional tools could never have made the game the blockbuster it now is. It is the combination of the ‘Creative Mode’, coupled with the reach of YouTube, that have created a whole new set of big time players in the kids video market (Stampy Longnose, who is pictured above, and whose creator spoke at last April’s MIP Digital Fronts, has 150m monthly views). Their massive reach has in turn catapulted Minecraft onto the centre stage of kids’ entertainment today.

An important thing to note here is that Mojang has had no way of influencing the kinds of things people do with the platform they are provided through Minecraft. And this is a really good thing, since if they tried they’d risk alienating their greatest evangelists. It would also make no sense for Mojang to try and create a YouTuber personality, since the creativity, random ideas andauthenticity of the massive fan base far outweigh any company’s creative resources…"

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