Hollywood’s Greatest Mistake (Or Why You Need More Than 1 Female Character In Your Screenplay)

I attended the 35th Anniversary Screening of ALIEN last week in London. I’ve watched ALIEN probably in excess of a hundred times (maybe more) on video, DVD and on TV, but I’d never seen it on the big screen, so…

Source: www.londonscreenwritersfestival.com

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The Year in Alternate Reality Games | Magazine | WIRED [from 2010]

This article reflects on the alternate reality games of 2010, commenting on everything from buried muppet pirate treasure to a national manhunt facilitated by Wired. Read on to learn about the revamped ending to Portal, J.J. Abrams’ attempt to replicate the buzz surrounding Cloverfield, F1 driver Lewis Hamilton’s surprising hobby, and more. By Michael Andersen,…

Source: www.wired.com

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