Pocket Gems Launches First Interactive Mobile Story Platform, Episode

‘Pocket Gems is known for being a leader in the mobile games space (well-known games include Tap Paradise Cove, Animal Voyage: Island Adventure and Campus Holiday),  but today the company is officially launching an interactive mobile story platform called Episode, on the Apple App Store,Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore. Users can interact with animated stories that were built specifically for mobile devices, making decisions that shape the plot.

According to a press release, Episode soft-launched in December and has already played more than 10 million chapters, at about 300 chapters per minute. The app is free to download and will have free content daily for users, as well as offer fans additional chapters to download….’

Source: www.digitalpubbing.com

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Nocturnal Trail Through Illuminated Forest Becomes Magically Immersive Experience

Montreal-based studio Moment Factory has transformed Quebec’s Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook into Foresta Lumina, an illuminated nocturnal trail through the enchanted forest. After nightfall from now until mid-October, visitors to the park are invited to take a magical stroll through the woods on an immersive, storybook-like adventure.
Winding through the trees for 2 kilometers, the path takes visitors on a journey through gorgeous and mysterious landscapes, including groves of trees twinkling with fairy lights, craggy rocks illuminated to show shadowy figures, rows of glowing lanterns floating overhead, and a bright portal at the end of the longest suspension bridge in North America. Accompanied by an ethereal soundtrack and appearances from legendary characters inspired by local folklore, the bewitching trail becomes an extraordinary, multi-sensory experience for participants.
Moment Factory created custom elements for each of the trail’s zones: perforated metal panels resembled…

Source: www.mymodernmet.com

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Never Alone Opens Your Eyes to New Cultures in a Delightful Adventure

Tom is taken by his hands-on with Never Alone, a platformer that’s as fun as it is informative. 

Never Alone is fun. That’s important, because behind its intriguing design lies a cultural history that elevates this from a neat diversion to a (potentially) important communication tool. E-Line Media specializes in combining entertainment with education (excuse me for avoiding the unsightly term “edutainment”), so there’s no surprise that it’s behind such an enterprise. What is surprising is how Never Alone began. Gloria O’Neill, the president and CEO of the Cook Inlet Tribal Counsel, approached E-Line to design a game based on Inupiat folklore. The idea was that the Alaska Native’s youth were getting harder to reach with so many electronic distractions surfacing. So Never Alone is a way to pass down these traditions that speaks to people on their own level, doing something that they already enjoy doing.”

Source: www.gamespot.com

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