OUCH. TV Review: ‘Rising Star’

Generic, offensive and inept, ABC’s “Rising Star” is the definition of trainwreck television.

Source: variety.com

“After Paisley let loose with a self-aggrandizing anecdote about flying on Air Force One with the President, Groban asked Ke$ha if she had ever “hung out” with Barack Obama. Paisley interrupted to crack, “I think Bill Clinton’s her type.” (Hillary’s team must have loved that little ad lib.) Groban fumbled for a transition. That’s live TV, folks.

Things only got worse when the performers took the stage. Looking and sounding like a motley mix of rejects from “The Voice,” “American Idol,” the now-canceled “X Factor” and “America’s Got Talent” (which NBC aired opposite the “Rising Star” premiere in an attempt to blunt the impact; based on the soft launch results, they needn’t have bothered), there wasn’t a single obvious star-in-the-making among them…”


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