Very Interesting. Gamasutra: Josh Bycer’s Blog – Narrative Dissonance in Game Storytelling

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‘Narrative Dissonance:

I know that I’m going to shock everyone reading this with the following statement: video games are meant to be played. Now that you’ve have recovered let’s expand on that. At the end of the day the success of a video game comes down to the interactions of the player.

A huge difference between a movie and a video game is that the audience (IE the player) controls the pacing of the story through interacting with the game, as opposed to a movie which is a passive experience.

And when pacing/narrative and gameplay start to the clash with each other this has led to me coining a new phrase:


Narrative Dissonance: When the game mechanics directly clash with the narrative and pacing of the title.


Narrative Dissonance has been an element of the video game industry for as long as we have been making games. Every time a game mechanic is never explained, or the player has to suspend their disbelief at how something works is an example of it….’

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What a Really Useful Post! The Crowdfunder’s Bible [resources galore!]

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Instead of digging through my email every time someone asked for advice, I decided to aggregate them here: a comprehensive how-to of first hand experiences and tips from the crowdfunding world.



Filmmaker Jeff Richards crowdfunded a sci-fi webseries and offers his tips in Notes from the Trenches.


Jake Stetler captured this panel at Flyway Film Festival – The State of Indie Crowdfunding, with Lucas McNelly (A Year Without Rent), Jeremy Wilker (Death to Prom) and Paul Rachman (Co-Founder of Slamdance)


The must-read and must-own Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul, full of case studies by Film Collaborative. Get the book here.


FilmCourage hosted an Interactive Crowdfunding Panel with Lucas McNelly, Meg Pinsonneault,Zak Forsman, Victoria Wescott, and Adam Chapnick, founder of Indiegogo. Please note this is an audio file that costs $5 but it is worth ten times that.


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