Be nice to China: Hollywood risks ‘artistic surrender’ in effort to please

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‘Kowtowing to China has become a reflex for US film studios in search of a piece of booming – and lucrative – Chinese market…


The Dark Knight Rises and Skyfall found reasons for Batman and James Bond to visit China. Cloud Atlas cut 40 minutes. Quentin Tarantino approved multiple changes to Django Unchained.


Iron Man 3 went further than most, adding scenes for the Chinese version that showed a Chinese surgeon saving Tony Stark and lines for the leading female actor Fan Bingbing. Chinese links were expunged from the “Mandarin”, a comic villain played by Ben Kingsley.


Robert Downey Jr, who plays the lead, told a press conference in Beijing: “I’m interested in all things Chinese, and I live a very Chinese life in America.”…’

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BitTorrent Announces Bundle, a ‘Gated’ Torrent Aimed at Legitimizing File-Sharing |

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“BitTorrent has announced Bundles, a new format that it hopes will continue to demonstrate to the entertainment industry that file-sharing isn’t the enemy….


“Many people don’t realize that we have over 2 million pieces of licensed and legal content available in our ecosystem,” Mason said. “It is true that our technology is exploited as part of a stack of technologies used for piracy. But you’ll find that as a standalone tool we are not a very good piracy tool. We don’t rip CDs or capture movies on camcorders. We don’t host content that infringes on copyright, we don’t index it, point to it or promote it in any way. All of those things happen outside of BitTorrent.”…”

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Like. A Lot. The Pirate Cinema Transforms Film Torrents Into Illicit Interactive Art |

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Think file transfers aren’t art? Think again.


“The project — not to be confused with the DIY cinema groups or Cory Doctorow book – is the work of French digital artist Nicolas Maigret and American software developer Brendan Howell and uses data interception software to pull torrents from the top 100 on the Pirate Bay. The system utilizes an encrypted connection to make the machines used in the installation anonymous and each file used only remains on the computers for a short period of time.


“Following on my previous works (System Introspection/Internet Topography/Flat Earth Society) as well as Brendan’s (The Instant Contemporaneity Device) where the digital and network protocols were considered as the subjects themselves — I really wanted to put the human aspect of the network at the center of the piece,” Maigret said in an email to Wired. “In a sense, the question was not about turning peer-to-peer into art, but about bringing together the conditions to create a concrete aesthetic experience of the internal activity and qualities of P2P file sharing.”…

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The Curator Job Is To Unpack Specialized Information To An Interested Audience

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As the director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Thomas P. Campbell thinks deeply about curating—not just selecting art objects, but placing them in a setting where the public can learn their stories.

Robin Good‘s insight:

Thomas B. Campbell, Director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, shares in this TED video, his journey to become a respected museum curator, and the valuable discoveries and insights realized along the way.

This passage, in particular, struck with me louder than a thousand words: 

We live in an age of ubiquitous information, and sort of “just add water” expertise, but there’s nothing that compares with the presentation of significant objects in a well-told narrative… what the curator does, the interpretation of a complex, esoteric subject, in a way that retains the integrity of the subject, that makes it — unpacks it for a general audience.

Besides, the curiosity of listening to one of the most prominent art curators in the world, I was particularly intrigued by Mr Campbell thoughts and recounts of what really impacted him when he was learning along this path. As, for example, in this other passage:

Pietro was suspicious of formal art training, art history training, because he feared that it filled people up with jargon, and then they just classified things rather than looking at them, and he wanted to remind us that all art was once contemporary, and he wanted us to use our eyes…

Definitely worth watching. Insightful. Inspiring. 7/10

Original TED video and text transcriptions:

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Arnau Gifreu Castells on Documentaries and Digital Media, Part 2 | Open Documentary Lab at MIT

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n this series we focus on analyzing the two main parts that constitute the interactive documentary field: the documentary genre and interactive media. In these articles we trace the evolutions of both the documentary and digital medium, and examine the significant ways they intersect. Our aim is to link moments of innovation in the documentary genre and storytelling in general with technological experiments, inventions and pioneering concepts in the digital field….

siobhan-o-flynn‘s insight:

looking for link  to Part 1!

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5 Principles of Convergence: How To Work Better At The Intersection Of Tech, Creativity And Media

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“The word convergence has been picking up steam in the marketing world. It may even be the “big data” term of 2013. Yet, the word means different things to different people….



You’re no longer in the business of selling stuff; you’re filling consumers’ needs. As a marketer, you’re creating new products and apps and always-on ecosystems, not just a series of campaigns based around a calendar of product launches. Nike is the classic example, with its ecosystem of fitness apparel, gadgets like FuelBand and services like Nike+ that immerse the user in the company’s innovation and create an end-to-end fitness solution. Special K, one of our clients, is still in the cereal game and it sells of a ton of it. But it’s also in the health, fitness and weight-loss games. It took its Special K challenge and turned it into a digital weight-loss platform….”

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