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To Create The Future Of Brand Identity, Ideo Looks Inward

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“On March 25, the designers at each of Ideo’s 11 international offices put their other projects aside and spent the day thinking about Ideo. The aim was to brainstorm a new identity system–the second time it’s been overhauled since the firm was founded in 1991–and the ideas, which can be viewed on a Tumblr dedicated to the project, took many forms. There were experimental business cards and animated GIFs, handmade crafts and polished mini-movies. One designer envisioned a “biannual cosmic event,” in which an “optical obelisk” would project a massive Ideo logo on a nearby building on the days of the vernal and autumnal equinox….


…The concepts that stood out to us were the ones that provided some kind of contextual mirror or window,” Hendrix says. “So sometimes you can see the world through the blocks; sometimes they’re a stamp in the world.” Depending on where they’re being deployed, they could show you a certain color palette that’s regionally significant, say, or traffic patterns based on your city.


Another promising trend that emerged was the abundance of animations and short videos. “We didn’t really anticipate that,” Hendrix says, “That’s got us pretty excited as well … What I would hope is that we get simpler in projecting the meaning of something. That may not be visually simpler. It actually might be more complex than we’ve seen….”

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Wait A Minute Makers: Before Agencies Can “Make Things” They Need To Create “Makeable Ideas”

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It’s an ever-increasing refrain–agencies need to make things….


Here are five steps agencies need to take to start creating “makeable ideas” that will lead to “makeable things”:


From traditional creatives to coders, UX designers to fashion designers, bring in people with different skills sets. You’re ideating for a different solution, you need different inputs.


It’s not about a 30-second spot or banner ad. It’s about ideas that can evolve and support a multitude of additional ideas.


Can your idea connect to the Internet? If not, it’s probably not a viable platform for the 21st century….

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Turning Big Data Into Smart Data: 5 Lessons For Marketers From The Obama Campaign

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“If nature abhors a vacuum, the business world adores a buzzword. And for the past few years, data–specifically big data–has been among the most buzzy….


…Joe Rospars, co-founder and CEO of Blue State Digital, the agency behind both of Obama’s campaigns, says harnessing the power of big data is not about simply analyzing antiseptic information, it’s about using whatever information is at your disposal to understand the people behind it all. “Big data is about having an understanding of what your relationship is with the people who are most important to you and an awareness of the potential in that relationship,” says Rospars…”

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Social Networks Are The Next Big Mobile Ad Platform

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But social-mobile ads are just getting started….”


Social Networks Are The Next Big Mobile Advertising Platform (Mobile Marketing Watch)
Social media advertising has grown thanks to customized ad units on Facebook and Twitter, writes Eric Mugnier, of M&C Saatchi Mobile. Facebook has definitely shown its potential, although largely with direct response app acquisition campaigns. This success is largely due to the quality of data that Facebook provides, which helps fine-tune targeting and ensure relevance and downloads. This is also due to new ad units rolled out over the last few months that allow users to install advertised apps without leaving Facebook. But Facebook and Twitter also need to prove their ad products can do more than just drive short-term spikes in consumer engagement.

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