One Year in the world of Transmedia and Multiplatform Storytelling

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Following up on my curation of my blog from last year – “One Year In Transmedia” – I today published “One Year In Now Media”.

It’s a curation of this blog, with a number of articles divided into subsections according to topic. It’savailable for free on Slideshare on a Creative Commons license.


I’m very grateful towards all the people that took time out from their hectic schedules to answer a few questions of mine –  Brian Clark, Christy Dena, Jeff Gomez, Ian Ginn, Andrea Phillips, Robert Pratten, Inga Von Staden, Nuno Bernardo, Michael Monello, Chantal Rickards, Steve Stokes, Yomi Ayeni, Scott Walker, Lance Weiler, Liz Rosenthal and Nick DeMartino. Brilliant people, all in their own ways. Thank you…..

siobhan-o-flynn‘s insight:

thanks Simon! looking forward to the insights!

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