Stanford Unveils Free Platform To Run Your Own Online Courses

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Google and Stanford are more than just neighbors in Silicon Valley. They’re becoming the leaders in the online learning revolution. And it’s all happening fast and starting right about … now.


Stanford, like Google, has now announced a free and open source platform that lets you run your very own Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Stanford’s platform, dubbed Class2Go, has big and slightly different aspirations from its competitors. Developed as a non-profit project by eight Stanford Computer Science engineers, Class2Go is meant to offer not only a course-like project but also tools for collaborative research. The latter functionality is a change from what Google, edX, Coursera, and others are offering right now….

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Toronto duo raise 100K for video game movie

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Toronto boys Jarrett Cale and Geoff Lapaire were trying to raise $75,000 for their new movie “Pure Pwnage” (based on the web-series they created in 2004) via, a crowdfunding platform where people who want to raise money can create fundraising campaigns to tell their story and get the word out.


In less than 24-hours they met their financial goal. At the time I started writing this post, they’ve exceeded it in fact, and are currently at $108,259. When the pair hit the $100k mark, they rewarded fans with “previously unreleased audio recording from our archives to our YouTube channel”, and have hinted to release even more if they hit any additional milestones….

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+City! the Countdown is On! 1 day, 21 hours until Showtime!

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scotiabank nuit blanche


+City is a participatory performance revealing the interplay between our digital and physical lives. Led by Second City comics, celebrity guests and members of the public will participate in a series of improv ‘acts’ where the ‘script’ of improv ideas is generated by the attendees and submitted via the Twitter #snbto and #pluscityTO hashtags.


In this social experiment, +City will transform Toronto’s Metro Hall Rotunda into a dynamic hub where digital communication and physical performance intersect. Data visualizations generated by +City will provide a real-time mapping of the tweets and flow/movements of Nuit Blanche attendees, adding a further interactive dimension to the evening and installation.


Artists: Faisal Anwar, Toronto, Canada. Siobhan O’Flynn, Toronto Canada


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Three sided triangle of New Transmedia Documentary 1 Multi Platform 2 Film 3 Marketing/Funds PBS

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Kaplan worked with Weiler on “Pandemic 1.0”, a Transmedia project Weiler describes as an experiment in breaking down the fourth wall. While Weiler’s short film “Pandemic” premiered at Sundance in 2011, “Pandemic 1.0,” an alternate reality game, was hosted live in conjunction with the film in Park City, Utah. Weiler’s project garnered a lot of attention and showcased the possibilities cross-platforming different experiences with film can open up to audiences.

Kaplan believes a Transmedia project must stand on its own. He likes to use the visualization of a pyramid to describe a documentary project integrating a Transmedia component: “One side is film and one side is technology, and the third side is marketing/fundraising. The constraints these three apply are really valuable. If you don’t understand the boundaries of the creative process and the marketing process, you’re just building tech. The same applies if you are just thinking creative, then you’re not thinking about audience engagement or the technological advancements that are there to facilitate your message, and you end up with a skewed result. Looking through this three-sided prism allows a lot of the strengths of these disciplines to shine, and that’s what Transmedia really is.”

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