Pinterest UX Strikes Social Commerce Gold | UX Magazine

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……I came up with seven reasons why the Pinterest user experience will outperform its social commerce competitors:


It’s About Stuff
It’s Simple
It’s Social
It’s Personal
It’s Beautiful
It’s Functional
It’s Mobile


Let’s explore these traits.


It’s About Stuff


Facebook is about relationships. The implication of being friends on Facebook (or connections on Linked In for that matter) is that there is a relationship already in place, or that a relationship could be desirable in the future. Pinterest, on the other hand, unabashedly serves up a seemingly endless stream of desirable objects. Sure, there are some puppies and celebrities, but there are many, many images of products that you can buy or dream about buying.


While Pinterest does a superb job of highlighting desirable objects, it somehow avoids the stigma of being crass or commercial. The comments in Pinterest state, in thousands of different ways, something similar to: “This makes me happy, and I want to share it with you.” The association of products with intense positive emotions has been the dream of marketers since the golden days of the 1950s. And now, in a time of rapid decline of traditional marketing approaches and venues, consumers are themselves making those associations, using the Pinterest user experience as their preferred channel of expression. When Pinterest users share their favorite products, it seems natural … expected. By contrast, attempts by Facebook to introduce commerce have seemed suspect, out of place, or even invasive….

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