Feistodon – “A Commotion” HTML5 Interactive Video

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Feist and Mastodon’s (AKA Feistodon’s) collaborative A Commotion/Black Tongue split was one of the highlights of this year’s Record Store Day exclusives.


Play here….



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Infographic: What’s Different About The 2012 Olympics? Social Media, Basically

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The Olympics are one of our oldest traditions–a time capsule we revisit every four years. And while its athletes gradually become stronger and faster, other technologies have been advancing exponentially.

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New Funding Round for Project Development Fund | Worldview

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Deadline for Proposals


The next closing date for the PDF will be 26th September. Please check our website and our Facebook and Twitter pages for up-to-date news and more details of the exact closing date.




Currently only established programme makers/media producers/production companies may apply. Individual producers are not excluded from applying to the Fund, but are encouraged to approach established production companies to umbrella their projects. Preference will be given to projects that aim to extend audience reach. Projects should aim to promote better understanding of the developing world and highlight the challenges and importance for both developed and developing countries of reducing poverty….

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Super. Sight: An 8-Minute Augmented Reality Journey That Makes Google Glass Look Tame – Forbes

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Sight, a short, science fiction film by Israeli student filmmakers is a brilliant take on the emerging world of augmented reality (AR)—the technology behind Google’s goofy glasses.

The video comes out at an interesting time for AR, just after Google’s “Glass Explorers” have received their welcome letters and amid suggestions through patent activity that Apple may be at work on its own “iGlasses.” What May-raz and Lazo have done is to take consumer AR to its logical, and terrifying, conclusion based on what is happening in the present moment.

Their ideas are not wholly original, but they are beautifully executed. A post about the film on VentureBeat points out the similarity of many aspects of the scenario to a particular Star Trek: Original Series episode. And in terms of Google Glass, Lazo wrote in an email to VentureBeat, “The Google Glass video just came out about a day or two after we started work on Sight. It was pretty cool; it kind of gave us an affirmation that we’re on the right path.”

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Imagine a Pixar video game … & check out what Moonbot Studios are doing along the way..

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Rich Stanton: The creators of Wall-E and Up once had an interactive division. Why did they close it, and does it matter?…


“When we had that in-house division we wanted and needed those artists to be working on the films,” Sarafian says. “So we kept on borrowing them and were thinking ‘Why are we doing this? Let’s just make the movies.’ That’s where our passion is.”


It’s hard to argue with that. “We spend as much on video games as we do on movies,” Andrews later tells me, somewhat unconvincingly.

Brave does reach beyond the home consoles – Temple Run: Brave is a themed version of last year’s hit app, while Brave: Storybook Deluxe is a much more interesting case.


This is one of Disney Interactive’s newest forays, and Brave is one of a series of offerings such as the Lion King and Tangled. They all share the same template.


And when put next to stuff like The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore (watch the trailer) or the Numberleys (watch the trailer) you see the difference. Both of these “interactive storybooks” are made by Moonbot Studios, two of the three co-founders of which have a history with Pixar, and next to them the Brave Deluxe Storybook feels like those Activity Packs you used to get on long car journeys….

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