Very Cool: Wilco Release iPad Book, Spanish Song |Pitchfork

By Jenn Pelly on June 5, 2012


“The latest in Wilco merch is a free, multimedia iPad book titled The Incredible Shrinking Tour of Chicago, available through Apple’s iBookstore. (Flick through its contents while enjoying a cup of Wilco coffee, perhaps.)

Update: Sprint has made an ad for their new HTC EVO 4G LTE phones that features Wilco’s “I’m Always in Love” played by hundreds of HTC EVO phones. Watch it below.

The book includes photos, posters, setlists, and more from the five intimate shows the band played last December in their hometown of Chicago. It also features two backstage videos from that tour: Wilco, Nick Lowe, and Mavis Staples practicing “The Weight” by the Band, and Staples and Jeff Tweedy practicing “You Are Not Alone”, the Tweedy-penned title track from Staples’ 2010 album….”


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