Very Exciting Deets! Nuno Bernardo: How to use Transmedia to launch a Movie Franchise


“…Most of the so-called transmedia projects that were produced in the last couple of years are just that – transmedia brand extensions. Most studio and network executives see it only as on-line marketing tool to promote to the young crowds of movie goers the upcoming summer blockbusters or the new sci-fi based network TV series. But the concept of transmedia goes beyond that.

At my company, beActive Entertainment, we’ve been developing a script for a sci-fi based feature film inspired by CERN’s Large Hadron Collider experiments. The movie is temporarily called Collider and is set to start principal photography later in September, with a release date set to the second quarter of 2013. But the story world around the movie will start to seed to its audience in June 2012….” 

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Social Flow: Analyzing UNICEF’s #SahelNow Campaign

“A couple of weeks ago we were pleased to spend some time with the folks from UNICEF, analyzing and discussing their #SahelNow campaign. The campaign is focused on drawing attention towards the food crisis unfolding in the Sahel region in West and Central Africa. The campaign’s goal is to rush food, nutrition and other emergency relief to help children in the region. There is an urgent need for help from the public, and #SahelNow is an attempt to alert the world about this looming crisis. SocialFlow supports the effort to enlist people around the world to help to sound the alarm.

The campaign has seen a substantial rise in references, including participation from a number of major celebrities. The SocialFlow research team helped UNICEF analyze and understand hashtag usage across Twitter by looking at a few different aspects of the data…”

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A Simple Guide to Creating Great Content

“In case you haven’t heard, content is still king. You can come up with the best strategy and use the most innovative tools but without good content, you’ll just be talking to yourself. To participate on social media, every brand/company/organization must become a content producer either by creating original content or by finding and sharing existing content.

• Use what you’ve already got

Review all possible sources such as blogs, photos, videos and anything on your native website as well what you’re sharing on other popular social sites like Pinterest, Tumblr and YouTube. Content is repackage-able. Not all of your fans or followers may have seen it when you posted it originally, so it’s okay to reframe it and re-publish it occasionally.

• Give your audience something of value

Social is about sharing. What are you giving your audience? Is this useful information? Entertaining commentary? Does it allow the audience to give feedback? Always ask, “How is this content serving them? What do they get out of it?”…

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Transmedia Tuesday: Interview with Daniel Knauf (Carnivàle) About BXX Haunted – Mindhut – SparkNotes

“Those of you already familiar with Daniel Knauf probably know him as the writer and creator of HBO’s brilliantly strange dustbowl circus drama, Carnivàle. Knauf’s newest project is a free, online experience called Bxx: Haunted. (Bxx is pronounced “box.”)

Bxx: Haunted follows a team of paranormal researchers as they spend 32 hours investigating a purportedly haunted house. What makes the story so interesting is the way that it is presented. The viewer is given access to all 32 hours of the investigation on 16 separate cameras throughout the house. That’s 512 hours of footage dropped on the viewer’s lap right from the get-go. As you proceed you get the opportunity to unlock new documents and videos that provide additional background on the events of those 32 hours.

We sat down with Daniel Knauf to ask him a couple questions about Bxx: Haunted and transmedia storytelling in general. So before you jump over to check it out, take a look at what he had to tell us:

MindHut: Why transmedia?

Daniel Knauf: Whenever a new medium is devised, it takes a decade or so for artists to learn how to exploit and master its properties. Plus, from a business standpoint, there are the issues of building realistic revenue models and dealing with monetization. But the simple fact is that money follows eyeballs, and if you create something that engages people, monetization will eventually take care of itself. So it falls to the artists to push the limits of the medium until it begins catching the attention of the audience. At some point, the money-people say, “Hey, look at that line of people standing outside the theater over there. What’s up with that?” And that’s the point when we can stop building mud huts and start erecting skyscrapers….”

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Very Cool: New Online Platform Qwiki Creates Interactive Multimedia Experiences

Easily combine your voice, pictures, videos and more into a beautiful, interactive experience describing anything.

Qwiki is a technology company pioneering a new media format that combines the appeal of video with the interactivity of the web. Each “Qwiki” is easily created through a browser – enabling users to combine pictures, videos, infographics and their own voice into a beautiful, interactive presentation describing anything. Qwiki has raised approximately $11 million in funding from top-tier investors, including the co-founders of Facebook, Groupon and YouTube.

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