ZOETRAP: Alternate Reality Game (Games) StoryWorld Conference app & game


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Prepare to experience a spine-tingling supernatural game at the Storyworld Conference 2011.

It’s Halloween in San Francisco, evil’s lurking in the city & you’re a Paranormal Investigator. Occultist & transmedia producer Oliver Drew has mysteriously disappeared & you’ve got his phone, but there’s a catch – it’s haunted.. Read strange emails, listen to creepy voicemails & find clues to break the hex on his secret documents; but, be warned: a wicked & terrifying force is calling.

Will you answer the phone? Can you save Oliver’s soul? Dare you take a spin with death?

– Wear headphones for horror

* A three-day horror ride through the spirit world to find Oliver Drew
* Decipher his private emails, SMS messages and documents
* Listen to his chilling voicemails
* See who he follows on Twitter
* Scan QR codes to reveal maps & spooky hidden content
* Take freaky calls from ghosts & phantoms
* Discover frightening video & audio content with intense effects
* Access a Storyworld Conference 2011 timetable with a twist
* Solve clues to break in to the hexed documents folder
* Find out what’s behind the mysterious cursed zoetrope
* Inject fear into your conference experience & compete for a chance to decide Oliver’s fate

Augmented Projector mashes projectors, motion sensors & Kinect into virtual reality “torch” – istartedsomething

Via Scoop.itPervasive Entertainment Times

Projection-based input seems to be all the buzz of Microsoft Research this year as a number of such projects were shown off not too long ago at the 20th anniversary of the research group. Although KinectFusion, OmniTouch and HoloDesk got the most press coverage, another research project does a really good job at bringing all the different technologies together. If I may use a cartoon analogy, “Augmented Projector” is like the Captain Planet equivalent of projection-based human-computer interaction. In essence it seems to combine the results of other experimental projects – Kinect-based environment modelling, projection-based gesture interaction and spatial-aware projections into one super project.
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