Wow. Moshi Monsters TV to launch within weeks | Media |


“Moshi Monsters boasts more than 50 million pre-teen users. Photograph: Mind Candy
It has already dominated kids’ magazines and social networking. Now Moshi Monsters is set to take on the world of children’s TV, with a new online channel described ambitiously as “YouTube meets Nickelodeon”.

Moshi Monsters, the UK-based social network that boasts more than 50 million pre-teen users, will launch Moshi TV within weeks.

While the fine details are still being ironed out, Moshi TV will feature popular “moshlings” such as Dustbin Beaver and Lady GooGoo, alongside animations uploaded by users and syndicated content.

“TV is really critical because kids are begging to see [Moshi Monsters] characters a lot and hear more of the story,” said Brad Schultz, the newly appointed head of Moshi TV. “We’re holding ourselves up to a Looney Tunes here. We’re going to create shorts [animations] that will be talked about for years and years and years.”

Schultz, who joined from US video-on-demand channel Kabillion in August, is the son of Bill Schultz, the renowned animator behind The Simpsons, King of the Hill and The Transformers….”


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