Very very cool. Tribeca Film Institute to fund interactive storytelling | Geek Gestalt #infdist

Excerpt from original post:

“…the TFI set out to create the new fund as a way of both funding new, interactive storytelling projects, and to produce and distribute them as a branded series of work “that will reach the audiences where they will have the most impact,” Janson said.

The organization will accept submissions for the fund from April 4 through May 25. Grants will range from $50,000 to $100,000, though Janson said that TFI may be able to assist grantees with additional resources to ensure that they are able to complete and sustain their projects.

Janson said that there are no existing models for the kinds of projects the TFI is looking to fund. Ideally, she said, projects will have three “core elements”: they will feature strong stories; they will be designed to bring in and welcome new audiences; and they will have the kind of impact that can “make real change in the human world….”


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