Totally Agree: Understanding What’s Scarce And What’s Not… | Techdirt #infdist

from the sell-the-experience dept

A bunch of folks sent over Jeff Jarvis’ recent blog post entitled stop selling scarcity, which I actually think is slightly misleading. If you read the details, he’s actually saying that you should very much sell scarcities — but that you should avoid pretending that you’re selling a scarcity when you’re really selling something that it infinitely available:

If you are selling a scarcity — an inventory — of any nonphysical goods today, stop, turn around, and start selling value — outcomes — instead. Or you’re screwed. Apply this rule to many enterprises: advertising, media, content, information, education, consultation, and to some extent, performance.

I have to admit, while I get what he’s saying, I’m not sure it’s particularly useful to most people, because they’ve always thought they were selling “outcomes” in the first place. I think that a similar post by filmmaker Ross Pruden may actually be a lot more useful, in that he talks about selling experiences, which is something that’s scarce:

You think you sell a movie–you do not.
You think you sell a book–you do not.
You think you sell a song–you do not.

You sell an experience, something communicated, something elusive and ephemeral. Something mystical and transformative and inspiring. All these abstract things simply come in the shape of a movie, a book, or a song.

Never before has it been possible to strip away these experiences from the product… until now, the Digital Age.

read the full post:


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