Clever: Introducing Wanderlust- Atmoshphere-based stories on your smartphone | from Six to Start


Description from the site:

“Everyone loves location-based stuff. Ever since smartphones with GPS chips became cheap and usable, we’ve seen an explosion of apps, services, and games that seek to bring the digital world into the real world. Some have been hits, like Foursquare and SCVNGR, but others – like real-time games – are taking more time to mature.

Naturally, we’ve long wondered how best to make location-based stories….

…Imagine a book that could tell stories tailored to your location – stories that take you from cafes to libraries to museums, not just in one city or one country, but wherever you are in the world.

Wanderlust is an experimental mobile storytelling platform that works on all smartphones including iPhones, Android, and WebOS. Using a simple web-based editing interface, writers can create stories that move readers from location to location – but unlike previous location-based stories, these locations aren’t fixed. Act 1 of a story could require readers to be in any cafe in the world; and Act 2 could take place in any bar in the world.

It’s not just location-based storytelling – it’s atmosphere-based storytelling….”

Stories by multiple authors including Andrea Phllips!

read the full description on Six to Start’s website:


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