Love this! Want to be involved? Simon Pulman’s A Romantic Proposal for a New Transmedia Project | Transmythology

Excerpt from the site:

Posted on February 25, 2011 by Simon Pulman

“This article began as a nugget in my mind after having been inspired by the Jurassic Park Slope presentation last night, and reaction thereto. It was going to be a theoretical discussion until I realized that I should put my money where my mouth is and actually do it. And since I can, I am going to.

Thus, I am announcing a new co-created, transmedia romantic comedy webseries to launch in Fall 2011.

Let’s break down how it’s going to work.


It’s a romantic comedy told across various platforms. A webseries will act as the driving platform, but there will be heavy social networking components, which I will touch on later. I will act as a “producer” (though may not be credited as such) and will story edit – but I will need writers. Here are my criteria for the story.

The story must be based around misunderstandings between friends and romantic attachments – the kind common to sitcoms and movies, but which can be specifically heightened using social media exchanges. Vanity, ego, insecurity, jealousy and so on….”

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