David Varela’s Excellent Post on Transmedia ‘Going global’ « The Pixel Report

Great insights from David Varela


“Taking a transmedia production from a local market to a global audience isn’t just a matter of dealing with bigger numbers. As David Varela, transmedia writer & producer has discovered, going global brings challenges that go beyond mere scale.

Most of the biggest transmedia productions in recent history have been born in the United States. This isn’t necessarily because they have a more advanced media industry or a more adventurous approach to entertainment. Indeed, American corporate culture can be very conservative – the number of lawyers between the creative idea and the audience stifles many an adventurous idea before it sees the light of day.

No, the reason transmedia has thrived in the US is that many of the largest transmedia productions have been forms of marketing, and the United States is one very large market. More particularly, it is a sizeable, affluent market united by a common language…”


A Very BIG Whoot!: Havas Takes Majority Stake in Colleen DeCourcy’s Startup – Advertising Age – Agency News

Former TBWA Exec’s New Social-Media Shop Is Dubbed Socialistic

Posted by Maureen Morrison on 01.24.11 @ 12:00 PM

CHICAGO (AdAge.com) — Ad agency holding company Havas has taken a majority stake in Socialistic, a new social-media shop helmed by Colleen DeCourcy, the former chief digital officer at Omnicom Group’s TBWA.

Colleen DeCourcy

Colleen DeCourcy

–> The startup will work with social platform application programming interfaces (commonly referred to as APIs) to create content and mobile applications, branded digital products, digital out-of-home executions and in-store experiences. To build out its staff, Socialistic plans to recruit application technologists as well as journalists, writers and videographers.

“One of the things we fundamentally believe is the critical importance of digital,” said David Jones, global CEO of Paris-based Havas Worldwide Global and CEO of Euro RSCG Worldwide. “Historically in our business the competitive difference among agencies has been talent. Now I believe that it’s talent and technology. Colleen is one of the most brilliant digital people. The future is social media, mobile and location, and Socialistic is designed to play into that space….”

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Toolkit Case Study: The Transmedia Conspiracy of Vladan Nikolic’s ‘Zenith’ – indieWIRE

Excerpt from article by Eric Kohn (January 18, 2011):

“With the Sundance Film Festival set to begin Thursday, filmmakers must decide the best approach for standing out in the crowd. A strategy worth considering is found in “Zenith,” a film that has had virtually no festival exposure but begins its theatrical release Jan. 19.

Directed by Serbian-American filmmaker Vladan Nikolic, science-fiction thriller “Zenith” alternately takes place in the year 2044 and the present day. Nikolic imagines a bleak future in which science’s attempt to genetically modify the human race and make everyone feel eternally happy instead turns people into cold, alienated creatures in search of physical stimuli — mainly in the form of drugs. Ed (Jason Robards III), a young dealer, discovers a series of 10 tapes recorded by his missing father, Jack (Peter Scanavino). Seen as a crazed conspiracy theorist in his own time, Jack’s ramblings about a vast scheme by unseen forces to unravel the foundations of society strike Ed as eerily prescient. Under constant scrutiny, he embarks on an ominous mission to unearth more of his father’s research….”