Whoa! OK Go partner with Range Rover & invite you to dance & document your way through your city using Pulse of the City App

OK Go invites you to dance through your city

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Posted by Eliza Williams, 16 November 2010, 12:55    Permalink    Comments (0)


OK Go has announced a musical event taking place in Los Angeles tomorrow. Described by the band as a “big, awesome psycho-spatial geo-musical techno-sonic parade party”, it forms part of a tie-in between the band and the Range Rover Evoque. And they want us all to join in…

Via the use of the Range Rover Pulse of the City iPhone app, which allows you to make an image of any journey you make around town, the OK Go LA parade will result in a giant digital sign being created over the city. As the film above explains, the band are keen that everybody around the world perform their own street parade and create their own GPS images, and then upload them (along with any videos you may make on the way) onto the helloevoque.com site from tomorrow.

“The idea is that we, OK Go, are using the world as our palette, and our GPS devices as our brush,” say the band. Which sounds fun to us – let’s hope the results are as exciting as that sounds. Visit helloevoque.com for more on the project.


Looks like another participatory doc in the making!

Original post by Eliza Williams on Creative Review



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