Interview with Dan Light, Part II: the intricacies of creating transmedia content « BBH Labs


“Last time we left off talking to Dan about the role of transmedia in extending the relationship between entertainment properties and audiences. As expected we soon moved onto Dan’s favourite topic, creating transmedia content for today’s multimedia world. This was just after Dan managed to pour an entire cup of fresh coffee all over himself.

In marketing, we’re often looking for case studies demonstrating the ROI delivered by transmedia. Do you ever get asked questions like that, or has the question already been answered based on your previous work?

In terms of pure marketing ROI, I think there are questions to be asked. The videos we created for WATCHMEN, or for the IRON MAN 2 Stark Expo films, that’s true transmedia, extending into nuanced corners of the broader universe, but they were also very accessible.

The WATCHMEN videos generated over a million views on YouTube, and maybe the same again through other channels. For content with little or no paid media support, that’s a very solid return, especially when you factor in the number of tweets and blog posts they solicited. Not to mention the fact that they also doubled up as DVD extras.

It’s also important to try and understand that engagement qualitatively, as well as quantitatively. If somebody is sufficiently excited by what they’ve seen to share it online, it’s reasonable to think that their advocacy and enthusiasm will extend offline as well. And offline word of mouth still counts for a lot.”

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