Now We Know What Dave Stewart is up to on this Project! ‘Indaba Music and Dave Stewart Join Forces with Tim Kring and Nokias Conspiracy For Good

Indaba Music and Dave Stewart Join Forces with Tim Kring and Nokias Conspiracy For Good

Thu Jul 29, 10:03 AM

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Indaba Music, the internationally heralded community of musicians, and Dave Stewart’s trendsetting record label, Weapons of Mass Entertainment, are joining Heroes creator Tim Kring and Nokia’s Conspiracy For Good (CFG) campaign to create music to benefit award-winning international nonprofit programs. Focusing on literacy and education, the new initiatives will benefit Room to Read and the Chataika Basic School in Zambia, and will feature the participation of Weapons of Mass Entertainment artists.

Indaba Music has launched a unique musical composition program on (, offering five $1,000 prizes to winning artists whose submissions embody the true spirit of the Conspiracy For Good. Musicians may create a new song using provided audio or by uploading a pre-recorded composition of their own. Submissions are due by August 31 at 5 pm EDT.

“We are excited to be working with such innovative people and organizations,” said Matt Siegel, Indaba Music Co-CEO. “It’s an honor to bring such a worthy global cause to our international community.”

The inventive Weapons of Mass Entertainment joined CFG from day one when its internationally renowned artists, Ann Marie Calhoun and Nadirah X were uniquely interwoven into the story as protagonists, blurring the lines between fact and fiction when they joined the CFG to expose the evil Blackwell Briggs. As the story has progressed, Ann Marie has disappeared, leaving clues embedded in her music to help Nadirah and the audience uncover the corruption of Blackwell Briggs.

Additionally, a unique version of The Eurythmics’ chart topping hit ‘Sweet Dreams’ has been recorded in Mandarin by Beijing-based singer Tia Yuan. Recorded in Hong Kong and co-produced by Dave Stewart and Hans Ebert, Tia’s rendition will be sold on Nokia’s Ovi Music with all proceeds going to Room to Read’s Conspiracy For Good campaign.

“Music plays one of the starring roles in the Conspiracy For Good,” said Dave Stewart. “Promoting social benefits through this new entertainment experience is the focus of Conspiracy For Good. Through unique community participation on Indaba Music, and artist support from around the world, CFG is offering a new and unique concept of Music for Good.”

CFG has been interacting with participants using music throughout the project. Clues hidden in online music tracks have been solved to move the story forward, London’s Kiss FM awarded listeners with tickets to the 1-2-3-4 Shoreditch Festival courtesy of CFG, and a handful of underground gigs have all demonstrated the power of good for CFG participants. CFG has continued hosting live events in London including a massive concert on July 28 that featured acts including Chapel Club, Wild Palms, and Flats; a forthcoming recruitment party on July 31 including DJing and live vocals from Shingai Shoniwa and Dan from the Noisettes; and the finale on August 7 featuring musical performances from Mystery Jets, Dave Stewart, Tia Yuan, Ann Marie Calhoun, Nadirah X, and special guests – limited tickets are still available. To take part in the events you can register at