Transmedia Storyteller is a freemium service being developed by Robert Pratten, Alexey Ossikine a couple of other bright sparks moonlighting from their day jobs who’d perfer not to be named 🙂 Robert is best known for his work and articles on transmedia, audience-building and new business models for independent content creators. You can find examples of his writing at Culture Hacker, Indie Slate Magazine and his own site Zen Films. You may also know that he directed and produced two feature films. But you may not know that before Zen Films.. back before the first Internet bubble burst.. Robert was an internationally recognized marketing consultant in the telecoms world specializing in Intelligent Networks and value-added products and services. He’s worked with leading companies in this area such as Ericsson, Virgin Media, Lucent, TelMex and many others all across Europe, South America and the USA. The changing nature of the entertainment and publishing world has presented many problems but Transmedia Storyteller is a tool that’s going to deliver new opportunities.

Transmedia storytelling tracking/management tool Very interesting – thanks Tom Himpe!

Posted via web from Siobhan O’Flynn’s 1001 Tales


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